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Let us show you that relocation isn't only about  packages

What is a Relocation Service ?
Whenever you want to relocate an employee, All Ways Relocation will co-ordinate that move for you, thus freeing your HR Department of extra work.

Moving house can be a frustrating, tiring process, especially when you move to another country. The stress involved often means that both business performance and family life suffer.

Our aim is to take the hassle out of moving.


Who are we ?
All Ways Relocation is a leading relocation company in Spain offering tailored solutions to corporate clients and their relocated employees.

Over the years we helped thousand of people from different cultures and nationalities settle successfully in Spain.

We understand the special problems that living and working abroad entails - after all we are or have been expatriates ourselves, many of us come from the same countries as our clients. By knowing their cultural background, we can detect their individual needs and expectations better.

We have counsellors from different countries and cultures: Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Venezuela.

Our team of well-trained professional relocation counsellors offers multilingual services in: English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

18 counselors work for All Ways Relocation in over 9 Spanish cities. They have the prerequisite knowledge of the local areas and markets as well as an understanding of human nature which combined, guarantee the efficient assistance for assignees and their families. All counsellors work in compliance with uniform quality criteria set by All Ways Relocation which fully comply with the standards of EuRA (European Relocation Association) and RGDP.

We combine many years of experience with a young spirit, working in a flexible, reliable and dynamic way.

How it works…
All Ways Relocation will provide your employee a briefing on his/ her new country, work with him/ her to find a home that meets his/ her needs, provide short-term furniture rental to bridge the transition period, negotiate a property lease, set up utilities, select the best available schools for the children, etc., everything necessary to ensure a seamless move for your expatriate to Madrid, leaving him/ her free to concentrate on other important business.

Tailored to every special case...
We know that the secret to a successful relocation lies in understanding and meeting the personal needs of each client. Every assignment is different so we will create for your employee a unique, tailored programme.

We put special emphasis on supporting all family members
It must not be forgotten that not only individuals are being relocated - but families too. The key to successful relocation lies in communication and involvement, partners of employees may have their own employment needs and children have individual educational needs to be met.

To us, Family Support is crucial and should be an integral part of a company's relocation service to its employees.

Very often the success of an employee's relocation depends on the happiness of his/ her family.

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